Meet the Press

Style(s): R&B, Soul

This group has thrilled audiences of every imaginable background and age group. Studio quality musicianship combined with two outstanding lead vocalist, intricate five part harmonies, and professional stage appearance sets them apart from all other musical groups.

The humorous stage antics of vocialist/frontman Robert Collier, makes this act a rare find in an era when flashy, mediocrity seems to be in abundance.

Showcasing the venerable talents of former “Spinners”, guitarist/vocalist, Andrew Thomas, the smooth keyboard playing and singing of former Dorothy Moore, orchestra leader, John Alford, and the solid bass playing of Tommy Raines combined with the tight groove of drummer Lamond Jamison makes MEET THE PRESS, an elite experience when it takes you back in time to re-create the soulful and rock n’ roll sounds of the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties.

To sum it up… If you want to just listen to music, stay home and turn on your stereo. But, if you want to experience real music, it is time for you to…MEET THE PRESS