“Constructed like a perfect musical parfait, ?Stay Young? is everything you could possibly look for in an indie rock track. Maybe it?s just me, but I get some serious Black Keys vibes in the first 20 seconds of pressing play. This track walked right out of a badass James Bond movie, dripping in seductive vocals that only Hays could pull off. ?Stay Young? is filled with soul and funk, layered with irresistible breaks and sprinkled with some immaculate production work.”
-Indie Shuffle

“If you?re looking for electro-pop that is darker than most but still sparkles enough to be worthy of a pool party soundtrack, then Maudlin Strangers songs like ?Overdose? and ?Penny? might just do the trick. Although also produced entirely in his Agoura Hills bedroom, Hays and his songs can join the world of electro-pop artists who quickly go from mixtape CDs to sold-out rooms. Most pop songs these days just need some swagger alongside the hooks, and Hays? songs has that and more. (Don?t underestimate the power of unique bridges, kids.)”

?Overdose? has the foundations of a radio-hit with its catchy hooks, expansive production, and anthemic vocal delivery, and out of all the songs from Maudlin Strangers that has been released so far, this is easily the most impressive. A&R?s, take note.
– Hilly Dilly

“?Overdose? immediately impresses with it?s tight production, dreamy flow of lyrics and sounds that mix in all the right places. It?s a catchy, dark-riddled indie-electro track, with lyrics that make you feel as if no one else is listening, and the author is speaking directly to you? A song like ?Overdose? leaves you wanting more, and I?m hoping we don?t have to wait all that long, as music is an impatient beast, and something quality should not be forgotten into the streams and downloads of yesterday.”
– When The Gramophone Rings

“Maudlin Strangers (government name Jake Hays) makes some eclectic dark indie rock will have your ears salivating if ears could salivate. Starting off with a hushed wave of blurred electronics, ?Overdose? quickly relinquishes it?s shadowy power into a curl of sublime synths and visceral vocals that washes over you with a clandestine power of its chorus that will pull you into it?s undertow aka this song is fated to get stuck in your head.”

Maudlin Strangers is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.