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Luxury wedding entertainment needs to be live. Live music makes lasting memories your family and friends will share with you for a lifetime. RAM Entertainment provides luxury wedding entertainment in the form of live, professional show bands that perform wedding receptions all over the world, covering the hits of every generation present right up to today’s hottest hits, and custom-tailored to your unique desires.

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Your special day needs the best of the best, and luxury weddings take the term “best” to a whole new level. We understand. And we know from having provided live music for hundreds of luxuryweddings a year for over 28 years that attention to all the little details before-hand lets you focus on enjoying your wedding day.

Luxury Wedding EntertainmentWe want you to get the luxury look and feel you need and want without paying more than you have to, and we are committed to representing the highest-quality show bands — bands experienced in the luxury wedding environment, that instinctively know how to keep your guests on the dance floor. Weddings often have a wide cross-section of age groups; the best wedding bands understand how to entertain all the generations.

Luxury Wedding EntertainmentAnd while RAM Entertainment may book entertainment for hundreds of weddings each year, our customers know each event gets its own special treatment you expect with luxury wedding entertainment. Once our Event Producer helps you find just the right band, a separate Event Coordinator takes over to plan every detail from set-up to take-down and everything in between — special songs you want, first dance, announcements, and more.

Click here to connect with one of our Event Producers and start the no-obligation process, or check out these Idea Starters to get an even more detailed sense of what we do and how we do it.

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