Ceremony and Outdoor Wedding Entertainment

Outdoor weddings have been among some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen thousands of weddings). So don’t be afraid to take your wedding entertainment outdoors, as long as you’ve got partners who understand the unique challenges. If outdoor enchantment is your dream, that presents an entirely unique, extra set of considerations that only the most experienced outdoor wedding entertainment providers can handle.

RAM Entertainment has that experience. Our bands have that experience.

Wedding Couple Kissing Outdoors

Some of the immediate topics to consider: power, staging, dance floor, backstage (dressing room, restrooms, etc.), rain plan, extreme hot/cold, and all the incremental safety considerations that go with these. That experience is all part of what we provide at RAM Entertainment.

So take your special day wedding entertainment outdoors! And we’ll be there to help you make sure it’s everything you need and want. Our top suggestion: get us involved as early in the process as possible so that we can help you discuss the venue, the specific of your event, and all the other considerations that will make sure you get no surprises along the way.

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Paper Lantern Lights Outdoor Wedding