Kalisa Ewing is an American recording artist most popularly known for her songwriting career having music featured on international hit television shows like, ’Nashville’, in addition to her songs appearing on albums by those of artists such as, Kellie Pickler and Kelly Clarkson. Ewing also has a successful career as a solo artist and performs frequently on the legendary, Grand Ole Opry. She has currently been working with the four-time Grammy award winning producer of Americana and Country music, Tony Brown, on an album set to release in the coming months.

Born and raised just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, when you hear Kalisa’s music for the first time an ambience of familiarity leaves you with the feeling that you know exactly who she is. Ewing speaks the truth from the moment her pen hits the paper and sings it back to you. What you hear is her life’s story in her own words, from the raw and honest perspective of which she views the world. And her story sounds hauntingly familiar to your own if you’re listening. This is likely credited to the crafted way Kalisa has of mirroring herself through her songwriting, pulling from the common thread of ingenuous nature by tapping into the relative emotion of which resides within us all.

“The songs I lean towards recording are the ones that were written by way of helping me get over something that I’ve been going through. I feel like I’m just as human as my audience is so if there’s a song that’s been therapeutic for me to write out of myself onto paper and record into a melody, hopefully it may help someone else get through something going on in their own lives as well. Music has always been free therapy for me. I grew up about thirty miles west of Nashville in a town called Kingston Springs. That’s where I learned how to deal with my first broken heart. You can listen to a song like ‘BANG’ at kalisaewing.com and get a good sense of who I am, and where it all comes from for me. Music that makes the biggest impact on me personally is the honest kind; like Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams or Steve Earle for instance. I can only hope that my own music resonates with someone else in the same sort of way by what I create in order to reach others just like me.

Kalisa Ewing is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.