The Bluff City Soul Collective is a multi-dimensional band with an eclectic mix of musical inspirations and backgrounds. After a year of seeking, tweaking, and unique-ing, the band was created and zoomed to the top of the local charts.

Each musician brings passion for their craft and a unique sound into the Collective. Some grew up singing in the church choir. Others can belt out a country song like no one else. Another brings a soulfulness cultivated at Stax. Blend all that with some of the most seasoned session players and live performers in town, and you have one of the hottest new bands in the region.

The Bluff City Soul Collective has created an exhilarating show, incorporating unique medleys, crowd participation, and all your favorite hit songs. Typically, the band performs three hours of music within a four-hour time frame. They can also provide a non-stop three-hour show on request. With top-class gear and a dedicated sound engineer, this band will always sound great.

Young, energetic, and enormously talented, the Bluff City Soul Collective shows that the future of Memphis music is in great hands!

The standard configuration is a 7-piece show band (2 female & 1 male lead vocalists, drums, bass, keys & guitar – all members sing back-up and harmony)

Available Options:
2-Piece Horn Section
(Sax / Trumpet)
3-Piece Horn Section
(Sax / Trumpet / Trombone)
4-Piece Horn Section
(Sax / 2 Trumpets / Trombone)
3-Hour Continuous Music Option
4-Hour Continuous Music Option

For more information on Bluff City Soul Collective visit Bluff City Soul Collective website

Bluff City Soul Collective is a show band available to provide live entertainment for wedding receptions, corporate events, private parties (birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, milestone celebrations), festivals, fundraisers, and more.