My name is Zuzka Light, I’m a 33 year old fitness professional from Prague, Czech Republic. When I decided to take fitness as my profession and share my passion online, it allowed me to get in front of millions of people, and travel the world. I’ve dedicated the past 9 years of my life to creating a platform for fitness and healthy lifestyle where I share the most effective ways of how to keep yourself strong, fit and healthy. My first company called BodyRock.Tv was a huge hit on YouTube and my workout videos generated over 500 million views. I lost pretty much everything due to an ugly divorce, except for my strong will and passion for fitness.

I worked hard to build a new life, company, website, YouTube channel and leave the past behind. It wasn’t an easy ride and I hit a few bumps along the way that shook my world pretty hard. I learned so much about people, and business mostly through failures and mistakes. The only thing that made me feel in control was my fitness routines. It’s something I can always count on and what will always carry me through the storm. It’s my passion, my daily habit and my meditation. Now I’m the owner of Zuzka Light Productions LLC and run my own website with a very successful subscription club ZGYM. I am so proud of the growing ZGYM community. My members are the most dedicated, supportive, passionate and fun loving people, that keep me motivated to never give up.

Zuzka Light is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.