After a 10 years classical music training Yuksek begins its solo career in 2007 with the release of numerous EPs on French and foreign labels such as Relish, I’m a cliché, Kitsuné , Rise … and many remixes for Chromeo , Phoenix, Kaiser Chiefs, Ghosface Killah , Gossip , Mika , Peaches … Yuksek will produce nearly a hundred .

In 2009 released his first album “Away from the sea” including the singles “Tonight” and “Extraball” that quickly become worldwide success .

Alongside his solo opus and live tours Yuksek began a career as a producer with the BirdyNamNam second album, , the first Bewitched Hands album, the debut Juveniles album and many pieces for Kid Sister , Brodinski , The Magician , Benjamin Diamond, JD Samson …
Yuksek has also been involved in many other musical projects such as Girlfriend (with Clément Daquin), The Krays (with Brodinski) and Peter & The Magician (with Stephen Fasano, ex-Aeroplane). He released 2 EPs under Peter & The Magician on Kitsuné with dancefloor hits ‘Twist’ (2011) and ‘Memory’ (2012).

June 13, 2011 released the second album from Yuksek , ” Living on the edge of time” , including the singles ” On A Train ” and ” Always on the run” that assert a more pop sound and the presence of Yuksek as a singer of his own compositions .

After 2 years of international tours Yuksek created in 2013 its own label “Partyfine” which confirms his taste for collaborations (Peter & The Magician , The Alexanders , The Krays … ) and producer knowledge for young artists (Crayon , Villa, GetaRoom ! … ) . His studio is the heart of Reims label, production center and B & B serving the collective.
Yuksek starts in 2014 in writing soundtracks for films and wrote the music for the Evian spot ” Baby and Me ” (+80 million views on You tube).

Yuksek is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.