“The event was awesome. Super T still reigns as the undisputed coolest entertainer around. Thanks for making our wedding a crazy party that won’t be forgotten for a long while. We all had a blast. Thanks again!

Bush & the Mrs. do the Super T wiggle
By Michael Donahue
December 25, 2003

A popular Mid-South band, The Tyrone Smith Revue, played at President Bush’s Christmas party Saturday night at the White House. Tyrone Smith, a former Memphian who went to Booker T. Washington High School, wore his Super T outfit – sky blue tights, red shorts, red cape and red ankle-length boots.

“The main thing they wanted me to wear was the Super T outfit,” said Tyrone, 60. “Mrs. Bush requested that. Her daughter had told her about Super T.”

Bush’s daughter, Jenna, who attends the University of Texas at Austin, saw one of Tyrone’s shows. He played a wedding in Dallas. The bride called and asked if Tyrone wanted to perform for the President Dec. 20. Her brother and Jenna are friends.

“I said, ‘What president?’ She said, ‘The President of the United States.’ ”

Tyrone canceled his Memphis Junior Cotillion Club gig at The Peabody to play the White House. He met the First Lady during the sound check. “She was showing people the Christmas tree and what have you. When I walked in she said, ‘Oh, Super T!’ And I’m going, ‘Whoa.’ ”

The group played in the main ballroom. “You know how I interact with the audience? I got the President and Mrs. Bush on stage. I got this little routine I do, a little dance, ‘Super T Bootie Green.’ And they fell along with me and did it. You bend. You touch your knees and just start doing the wiggle. I’ll lead it off. You go two times to the left, two times to the right.”

He also led the “Tyrone Smith Love Train,” a sort of conga line in which people grab the hips of the person in front of them. “Behind me was Jenna Bush and then everybody that was left after some of the people had gone. It looked like 100 trailing behind me.”