Troupers Testimonials

Craig, Sorry to be so slow to respond to you, but the Troupers were amazing! I had had so many people comment about what an great band they were! They did a great job playing great, low volume music during dinner, and then kicked it up a notch and had everyone out on the dance floor after dinner! They were very versatile, and made sure everyone was having a good time! They did a great job with the final song we had them learned, played all the songs we requested and did a great job selecting additional songs based on the vibe during dinner and dancing. The Troupers and ECE were easy to work with, and I would definitely recommend them to any looking for a great, fun band for their event! Thanks again,
Alice F. (May 17th, 2014)
Private Party

Hi Craig, Taylor and I just got back from our honeymoon! The Troupers were fabulous!!! They did such an excellent job and were so engaging- people were dancing all night long. Thank you for checking in!
Jillian B. (April 12th, 2014)

The Troupers were fantastic at our annual gala, The Black Tie & Tails Ball benefiting Carolina Tiger Rescue! They added so much to the atmosphere and success of the event. Our guests had more fun on the dance floor than any prior year and the band knows how to please their audience with selections from a huge play list. We can\’t recommend them enough.
Carolina Tiger Rescue Facebook Post to EastCoast Entertainment
February 23rd, 2013

Bill, I just don\’t know where to begin. Thank you so much for making our reception incredible! Friends have been calling and texting today saying how awesome the band was and how it was the most fun wedding reception they have been too. I think you could tell by the looks of the dance floor ALL night that our guests were having such a great time. I am so grateful Barry recommended you to us. It was the best day for our family and I thank you for such a great dance party. Best of luck to all of you and again thank you so much!

Troupers performance was absolutely stunning! Not a bad song in their entire repertoire. Great flexibility shown by Bill in meeting our last minute requests. Troupers is a perfect choice for weddings. They have our strongest recommendation.
John and Jeanne H. (June 18th, 2011)

Hi Ellie~ Yes! We absolutely loved them. They had one little slip-up, moving into some get-down funk that caused the bride to say \”where\’s the Motown and Beach?\” so I went up to them and said no more of that, remember here\’s what the bride and groom want. and that\’s exactly what we had the rest of the night. People stayed on the dance floor until the end and had a great time. Then poor Bill had to call me Monday to tell me that I failed to sign my check! He was very understanding and nice about that. They learned \”Somewhere Out There\” especially for us. That\’s Kathryn\’s \”daddy song\”—-or really that\’s Daddy\’s \”Kathryn song\”—-The Troupers did a great job with it. James Ingram would be proud! We all, bride and daddy included, were quite tearful. Sweet time, beautiful memories. I would highly recommend the Troupers and appreciate your steering me in that direction.
Diana Hagler
Mother of the Bride

the Troupers were absolutely outstanding. All of our guests raved about the bank and their music. I would highly recommend them for any social event. Please thank Steve for his recommendation. I was very pleased.
Nancy Huber

They were excellent. Absolutely, hands down, one of the best bands I (and several others) have heard. They had a great mix of songs, made great suggestions to me about dinner music, and they were willing to help make announcements throughout the night for me. They were so much fun, and all were just nice people. In fact, one couple got their card to possibly play for their wedding in October. I also liked how they took turns singing, and all the singers had great voices. The lady vocalist was awesome. Her version of “Sweet Thing” rivaled that of Chaka Khan. I will recommend them to everyone. In fact, I’d love to book them again next year. We don’t know the date, but when we do, I’ll let you know.

First, let me say that you & your band were an absolutely delightful addition to Kelly & Dave’s wedding. Everyone is still talking about how great & versatile the band was. I am sure you will be in great demand in the Burlington area now. The impressive backgrounds of your band members were very apparent in their performances. As you know, this family is full of musicians and just plain music lovers and dancers. So please accept my thanks from all of us, when I say “The Troupers” were an integral part in making this wedding reception a truly Magical event to remember!
Patty R. Collins
Mother of the Bride

The Troupers were wonderful as Always!
Sarah Holmes
Hope Valley Country Club