The Starting Line

We’ve all heard the story before. It starts with a young band who has just released their debut album on a relatively new indie label. After a few months, that album becomes an unexpected hit thanks in large part to countless miles logged in a crummy tourvan, and a whole lot of word-of-mouth publicity. This then causes the band to sign to a bigger label and, for the next year, they slave over their second record, only to watch the major that they signed to during their ascent, totally blow it when the album is released a few months later.
For most music fans, this is well-covered territory and, by now, they are no doubt aware of what happens next. Usually, after their new corporate handlers fumble the record, said band is further neglected, and either breaks up or disappears completely. Sure, they might get back together for an episode of Behind The Music, but for the most part, that’s where this particular story comes to its tragic, but typical end. Thankfully, modern rockers The Starting Line have learned that it doesn’t always have to turn out this way.