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The SoulSations Testimonials

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As Seen On Waverly Bride

The SoulSations

“I wanted to write a note to tell you how overwhelmed we were with the performance of the SoulSations Saturday night. We have been watching them on YouTube for a year as have the kids (who got married Saturday night).

I had a few sleepless nights thinking that there was no way that the band would be as good as they were on YouTube (kind of like comparing the picture on my website to how I really look) and that we would all be let down with them at the wedding and also fraught with concern that we spent too much money on the band.

Good. Lord.

They were so much better than we ever expected. It was just unbelievable. They played for four hours straight and brought the house down. They made the reception.”

MaryQuinn Cooper – Mother of the Bride

“This was the best wedding ever! High five to the SoulSations! They’re in my next wedding; I hope they’re in yours.”

Janis Kiel – Wedding Planner

“This was absolutely fantastic! Amazing! Greater than we ever expected!”

Mr. Lazarov & Daughter Ellee – Father of the Bride, Bride

LeBonheur Children’s Hospital – Memphis, TN

“They did an amazing job for my bride and groom. They kept the party going all night long, and even stayed a little extra to help my bride and groom out because they were not ready to go home — it was that good! Highly recommend!”

Ashley Oldham – Wedding Planner

“Absolutely amazing. Best band ever! Y’all made our wedding!”

Haley Uebelacker & Andrew Akins – Bride & Groom

“Tonight there was one non-negotiable on this party, and that was having the SoulSations as our band. They rocked it tonight. We had a big time. The crowd had a big time. It was an extraordinarily successful party because of them. Record-breaking event. Record-breaking event.”

Kathy & Hal Brown – Oklahoma City Museum of Art Gala

McFall – Pierce Wedding – Oklahoma City, OK

Coker – Stringer Wedding – Stuttgart, AR

Snowden Wedding – Little Rock, AR

“We had the best wedding we could possibly have. My second daughter’s wedding with SoulSations! Finest band I’ve ever heard. Finest arrangements. Completely seamless. Extraordinary musicians. I could not wholeheartedly endorse this band anymore than having them again — and if I had another daughter, I’d book them right now.”

Mr. Fisher and Mike & Bailey (Fisher) Kirwan – Father of the Bride, Bride & Groom


5.0 out of 5.0
Quality of Service: (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: (5.0/5.0)
Value: (5.0/5.0)
Flexibility: (5.0/5.0)

1 Reviews
A huge thank you to Soulsations! All I can say is “Absolute Perfection”! You all made our daughter’s wedding a huge success! Excellent musicians, fabulous voices, and a show like none other! We also appreciate your professionalism! I highly recommend Soulsations and RAM Entertainment!!
Patti Coleman Little Rock, AR
Wedding: 12/21/2013
Services Used: Band

SoulSations 3-28-2015 Austin TX


5.0 out of 5.0
Quality of Service: (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: (5.0/5.0)
Value: (5.0/5.0)
Flexibility: (5.0/5.0)

1 Reviews
When it came time to planning our wedding, Josh and I had few requests. We wanted all our friends and family there and we wanted a PARTY! The Soulsations definitely delivered! They knew how to get the dance floor started and how to keep it going! Within just a few days since our celebration, we have heard countless times that they are “THE BEST BAND EVER!” They played the most fabulous mix of songs, that crossed all genres and encouraged all age groups to move and groove on the dance floor! I could not have dreamed up a better band to set the stage and help us celebrate the most special day of our lives! We cannot thank them enough!!!
Wedding: 12/21/2013
Services Used: Band


5.0 out of 5.0
Quality of Service: (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: (5.0/5.0)
Value: (5.0/5.0)
Flexibility: (5.0/5.0)

1 Reviews
The soulsations were unbelievable and had every guest out on the dance floor! They did any amazing job and couldn’t refer them enough.
Wedding: 12/21/2013
Services Used: Band

“SoulSations played at my wedding last October and they absolutely made the evening! Many of my guests were musicians from New York City and were absolutely blown away by them. Still to this day when people talk about my wedding, they talk about the amazing band. They are worth every penny and
if cost is an issue then skimp somewhere else because you do not want to have your wedding without SoulSations. My only complaint is that the evening flew by too quickly because we were up dancing the entire time. BOOK THIS BAND!”

Blair & Stefan Davis – Wedding Reception

“You guys ROCKED our wedding tonight. You blew everyone away with classy song selections infused with as much energy as the room could handle. And then you added more. I’ve never been to a wedding with a better band, and I am SO glad you played ours. You took our night over the top.”

Chris & Beth  – Wedding Reception

“My daughter’s wedding day exceeded her expectations, and the Soulsations were a huge part of the perfect wedding “party”. Everyone commented on how great the band was, and everyone was dancing! Several women said their husbands hadn’t danced with them for years (or ever), and they were on their feet that night!”

Tommie Marsh (Mother of Bride) – Wedding Reception

“Oh what a night!  The SoulSations made the event!  They had everyone – young and old- dancing all night.  The guests did not want to leave.  The band members were so nice and accommodating.  They interacted with the crowd and made everyone have a great time.  My daughter and son-in-law said it was the best wedding reception they had ever been to, and we are still hearing the same thing from our guests.  Quite a success! Thank you for your professionalism.”

Marilyn Dattel (Mother of Bride) – Wedding Reception

“Everything was great – the Soulsations brought the house down for the second year in a row!! My experience with RAM and the Soulsations has been very pleasant and professional. I appreciate that the band and their equipment arrives in a timely manner – one less thing that I have to worry about! We couldn’t have been more pleased with the show – people in town are still talking about “that great band on Friday night!”

Anne D. – Private Party

“WOW, what can I say, The SoulSations were a hit. They had the dance floor rockin’. I am still getting calls about what a great party it was and how good the band was. The bride & groom were very pleased. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

Becky Hawkins – Wedding Reception

“There are not words to describe how incredible the SoulSations were!  First, I want to say how very, very easy and pleasant they were to work with.  They really wanted to make us happy, and boy did they!!  The music was fun and never unpleasantly loud.
The SoulSations were fun and got everyone involved.  I have two more daughters, and we will schedule their weddings based on the SoulSations schedule. Thank them for being so nice.”

Eulalie Davis – Wedding Reception

“It’s been five months since our wedding and our first thought when we reminisce about the day is how incredible our band was. A couple months before the wedding we were warned by one of my cousins that the bride and groom never have much fun at their own receptions; she told us that as long as our guests have fun, it’s a success. Apparently, our experience was vastly different than most couples. We had more fun at our own reception than we have ever had as guests at other weddings and that is definitely a testament to the SoulSations! The band exceeded every expectation Jordan and I had! The SoulSations were captivating!! The dance floor was packed all night – nobody would stop dancing long enough to eat! Needless to say, my husband and I were eating Lebanese food for weeks.

I really appreciate everything the SoulSations did from including my guests in their entertainment to overcoming the smoldering hot conditions and not taking breaks. The band completely understood how important that night was to Jordan and I and our families and made it a priority to make it absolutely perfect for us! THANK YOU!!!

We want the SoulSations to know that Jordan and I are still getting calls from guests telling us they felt like they were at a concert. They still talk about how our reception was the best they’d ever been to because of our band. One of our good family friends had a bet going that we spent at least $30,000 on you!!! It was definitely top notch entertainment! I knew the evening was a complete success when our guests were screaming, “one more song” when you guys finished. What a night! It’s definitely one we’ll always remember! Thank you SoulSations!!!”

Elizabeth Dowell Loeffler – Wedding Reception

“The Soulsations were FABULOUS!!!!! They made the wedding so much fun!! They not only played music, they entertained the guests by interacting with them. We will DEFINITELY use them again for any party we have!!!!!”

Debbie & Sidney Kriger – Wedding Reception

“The Soulsations were absolutely fabulous!! All of our guests said they loved our band! They went on to say the Soulsations were not just a band but they were entertainers. I think the best part is when they let us just get on stage. I really like how Ray and George gave the night a personnel touch! Seth and I had a wonderful night. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks for making our reception so special!”

Jordan Dye – Wedding Reception

“We had the best time. The SoulSations were amazing. They made the party so fun. Everyone was dancing and having a blast. My kids 13, 15, 16 were all dancing and my parents and their friends in their 70’s were dancing and my friends in our 40’s and 50’s were dancing. They were also very nice. My kids and I sang a song with the band to my husband for his birthday. They are really great. RAM entertainment is fantastic. Thank you so much for the best party.”

Karin Gubin – Private Party

“Thank you for an absolutely marvelous evening last Saturday night. The SoulSations were FABULOUS – the best we have ever heard. They were great and many, many people have commented on them. I am hoping they will be booked again in Paducah and if so, we want to be included. They were outstanding!!! Thanks again. Wonderful!!!”

Jeane & Joe Framptom (Parents of Bride) – Wedding Reception

“I cannot thank you enough for making my daughter’s wedding reception THE BEST!!!! We couldn’t pull people off the dance floor for pictures. The Soulsations made the whole party, they engaged the “audience” in all the fun. We had a crowd that consisted of 13-14 year olds, 23 year olds, 50 year olds, and the 65 plus crowd, everyone was dancing and the music was appropriate for all. Thank you again we all had a blast!”

Lili Jones – Wedding Reception

“THE BAND is the talk of the town and even of our guests from New York, LA and Miami. Thank you for all your help.”

Sonia Fonticiella – Wedding Reception

“The Soulsations were a hit! Everyone commented on what a great band they were – they had a crowd of literally all ages going from the time the dance floor opened up. We couldn’t have asked for a better band. They were a dream, and I hope we’ll be able to use them again.”

Mary Katherine Hovious – Wedding Reception

“Thank you so so much for helping to make the planning aspect of our wedding a much smoother and enjoyable process! The SoulSations were a HUGE hit at our reception! We could not have asked for a more energetic talented group. The guests were on the dance floor the entire night. We have had many inquiries about how other people can book this wonderful band. Thank you again for being a part of our special day and helping to make it such an exciting night for everyone!”

Katie Soldevila  – Wedding Reception

“The Soulsations were a smash hit. Even the music snobs in the room couldn’t get enough… we wanted a band with a big sound and amazing energy – nothing that sounded McWedding – and the Soulsations delivered above and beyond…They mastered the specific requests we had with finesse- you’d think they’d been playing klezmer for years… people couldn’t get enough of the 30-minute horah “Jew Jam”- the energy in the room was electric, and even those who had never heard a horah in their lives were dancing up a storm. And as our first dance, in honor of our Aussie guests, the SoulSations also gave a rousing rendition of Waltzing Matilda with their own signature backbeat, another highlight. And the rest of the night, the band played on… We came into this with a lot of specific needs and requests – and a lot of new material for the SoulSations to learn – but Russ and the SoulSations put our fears to rest with an A+ performance the entire evening. They were a joy to work with and a joy to hear – people simply didn’t want to leave.”

Mirm Kriegel & David Bryfman – Wedding Reception

“We booked the SoulSations for the Friday night entertainment for our Festival. After 30 minutes of performing, they had the crowd up on their feet, dancing, clapping and interacting with the band. The SoulSations literally “brought the house down!!”

Ann D. – Festival

“The SoulSations where the Hit of the wedding party. Everybody that attended could not believe the outstanding music and show they performed. My son and his new wife had the greatest wedding in Chicago and unfortunately have set the bar very high thanks to Ram Entertainment and the SoulSations. I feel like getting married again myself just to have them play again.”

Mickey Hamano – Wedding Reception

“We loved the SoulSations!!!! We booked them sight unseen, and Russ was 100% correct in his description of the band. The dance floor was packed from beginning to end. The selection of songs was perfect for the crowd. There was something for all age groups. The SoulSations are a super talented group of musicians. They kept the audience engaged and entertained for the entire time. I highly recommend them!”

Claire Harrison – Wedding Reception

“The Soulsations were fantastic! Our entire group enjoyed them immensely & would look forward to having them perform at other functions for us! The interaction with our group was great & they were very easy to work with & played exactly the type of music we requested. I can assure anyone that books them – WILL NOT be disappointed!”

Crystal Miller – Corporate Event

“The Soulsations were fabulous, an absolute hit!! Everyone danced all night long including Byron and I. I don’t think I left the dance floor. I truly appreciate all of your help, you made everything so easy and our Wedding was fabulous, I just wish we could do it again. Someone told my mom that they have never seen people dance like that at Mountain Brook Club. I really could not have asked for anything better. Please tell the band thank you and that I truly appreciate them making our wedding night one we will never forget!!”

Caroline Woods – Wedding Reception

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a fabulous party we had. The band was unbelievable. Everyone had a great time and danced all night. The band really kept the party going and no one wanted it to end. We can’t wait for another occasion and all our friends felt the same way. The band definitely made the party! Thank you.”

Betsy & Steve Libby

Bill & Patti Weiss – B’nai Mitzvah

“The SoulSations were outstanding. We had a full dance floor all night long…and they played exclusively from the song list and the choices we added which we very much appreciated….and it was in a tent with 70 degree weather and was an incredible evening…Again, many thanks from all of us…”

Thomas Benedict (Father of Bride) – Wedding Reception

“I just wanted to write you and thank the “SoulSations” for the absolutely phenomenal performance at my daughter’s wedding this past weekend. They are sensational and the guests of both young, middle age, and older did not sit down once the music began. My daughter and new son-in-law had more fun than they could have ever imagined and I thank you. They are the nicest group of entertainers with which I have come in contact. Not that this group needs any recommendations, but just in case, I give mine freely. Also, RAM Entertainment personnel are the best in customer service!”

Gwen Graeber (Mother of Bride) – Wedding Reception

“The SoulSations were fabulous for our wedding reception. Everyone was dancing all night! The band did everything that we requested and even learned our first dance song! We cannot thank you all enough for helping to make our wedding so memorable. Everyone has raved about the music and performance. We will definitely keep them in mind for future events.

Jenny Ross – Wedding Reception

“Please let The Soulsations know how much we enjoyed having them at our party Saturday night. Everyone had so much fun! The band’s presentation, costume changes, and guest involvement — not to mention their wonderful talent — made our party a night to remember! We certainly plan to invite them back.”

Gina F. – Corporate Event

“I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you for setting us up with the Soulsations. As I had let you know, we had about 100 out-of-towners in for the wedding, and they all left the party saying that they had never, ever, ever heard a more fun band than the Soulsations. They were such a hit, and really helped to make the event a success. They were just a blast. Not only can they sing, but they really know how to get people up and moving! From my 90-year-old grandmother to my 6-year-old nephew; from locals to many New Yorkers – everyone just ate it up. I would happily recommend them to anyone!!! Thanks again!

Megan Robb Turner – Wedding Reception

“We used the Soulsations for our wedding reception and they did a WONDERFUL job!! They helped me have a fairytale reception!! They really got everyone up and dancing and everyone had so much fun!! People are still asking about the Soulsations!! If you want to have a really fun reception or party, I strongly suggest the Soulsations!!! I have 4 brothers ages 11-21 and they all said that was the most fun they have ever had!! Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful reception!!!”

Kelly Weddington Young – Wedding Reception

“I think I speak for the entire 700 attendees for our class reunion of the decade of the 60’s when I say the Soulsations were FABULOUS!! I visited with them shortly & they were all so nice however, everyone else just saw their talent. We loved the 60’s music & the “disco” set after the break. The most fun part was their interaction with the audience, dance contest, dancing on the stage, etc. I had LOTS of people ask me for their name, so everyone was most impressed! Thanks for your professionalism!”

Penny Durham – Class Reunion

“Thank you for an incredible evening of entertainment! Night of Jade on September 10th was an enormous success and SoulSations was a huge part of that. The men that make up this outstanding group are quality musicians and vocalists of course, but they are simply really kind, interesting, quality people. They were on time, looked great and sounded amazing. They managed to keep people dancing until it was time for them to quit; even then people were wishing for another set.

I have worked with bands and musicians often in my professional life, and I dare say I have never dealt with a band with less attitude and a greater degree of professionalism. I would recommend this band with tremendous enthusiasm and welcome anyone to contact me if they would like more specific information.

It was a great night, and I look forward to having a reason to bring this band back to Nashville!”

Lindsay F. – Fundraiser

“The Soulsations did a super job at our team party! Their show had every single person at the party dancing on the floor – no one was just sitting down! We would love to have them back at any time, and would recommend them for any event. You won’t be disappointed!”

Allen Sills – Private Party

“First, thank you so much for your outstanding and attentive service. Russ was great, and very available and responsive to answer all of our questions. Top-rate service from a classy and professional organization.

And the band was…INCREDIBLE!!! Everyone commented on how great the Soulsations were, and there are many, many wedding pictures of all of us dancing the night away.

Thank you for helping make our wedding a memorable and fantastic experience!”

Paul & Helen Deeringer – Wedding Reception

“The Soulsations were WONDERFUL!!!
Our guests from all over the US said it was the most fun wedding reception they had ever attended and this was certainly in large part due to the great band. Thanks!”

Judy Adams – Wedding Reception

“I cannot tell you how much we loved the SoulSations!!!!!!! They were fabulous and are so good at getting everyone involved singing and dancing. We had a wonderful reunion with about 700 people there. We want them back soon!!!! Also, they were such nice guys, genuinely nice guys. Please let them know how much fun we all had. Everyone is talking about the band, so we definitely picked the right one. Thanks again!”

Jeannie Krison – Class Reunion

“Thank you Soulsations for your talent and your professionalism at our prom on Friday night! We were totally pleased!!!! Not only did they set up ahead of time but their selection of music was liked by the teenagers and the parents. Now that is a rare thing!

Nancy Holcomb – Private Party

“The SoulSations were a great band, exciting and entertaining…They engaged our crowd which can sometimes be difficult to do. I would highly recommend the band – we got feedback that this was the best “welcome party” ever…and the band was the reason I’m sure.”

Amy Sorkin – Corporate Party

“Friday night we had a birthday party for my husband at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. The Soulsations played, and they had the rotunda rocking! The dance floor stayed full the whole night, with many people staying until after the very last song. The band members really drew the crowd in. They were very personable and easy to work with. Their music and voices were great. We highly recommend them.”

Jan McElroy – Private Party

“I called Russ right after our daughter’s wedding to let him know how pleased we were with the band at the wedding reception at The Pink Palace. I’m thankful that I have this opportunity to let you know how pleased we were with The SoulSations! They were absolutely, positively wonderful!!!! As the mother of the bride (and a person who loves to dance) I can honestly say that I had THE VERY BEST TIME at my own daughter’s wedding! The groom and his family and friends are from Houston, TX and all of those from out of town were thoroughly impressed and well entertained. The floor was definitely rockin’! And because of The SoulSations, all my friends from here in Memphis said it was one of the best wedding receptions they had ever been to!”
“On the administrative side, Russ Madry was very professional, efficient and very personable. He was easy to work with and kept us informed. I liked the fact that most of the paperwork could be done via email. Thanks to Russ we had a flawless evening.”
“Please tell all those in the band that WE LOVED THEM! and my thanks again to Russ for making it all happen. It was terrific!”

Judy Oehl – Wedding Reception

“Our reception was great due to, in large part, the SoulSations. They were very entertaining, interactive with the guests and facilitated the reception effortlessly! I highly recommend RAM entertainment to anyone.”

Brent Carnathan – Wedding Reception

“I want to thank you so much for The Soulsations. They were awesome!! Everyone had a great time and kept telling us how great the band was. At the wedding no one wanted to stop! We requested songs, and they played them, overall it was a great experience. They really brought the crowd together. I recommend them highly for any occasion!!”

Eric & Mary Margaret Wippo – Wedding Reception

“The music was fabulous and everyone loved the interaction that the band had with the guests. They were a BIG hit with all ages!”

Lisa Reddick – Wedding Reception

“The band was perfect! There were lots of compliments… and lots of interest by others in hiring them for future dates. We couldn’t have been happier!”

Laurie Meeham – Wedding Reception

“The SoulSations provided a wonderful evening. All had a great time. They kept the dance floor moving!”

Nancy Kumpuris – Wedding Reception

The SoulSations were great! They actually were fabulous! We had a great time, and I can’t tell you how many guests thought they were the best band!!!! : ) We would not change anything. The band really involved our guests and were excellent singers/ players. Thank you for the great recommendation!?

Kirsten & Scott – Wedding Reception

“I’ve always thought that the “band” makes or breaks a wedding reception, and I was right. Soulsations were the hit of the evening! Everybody was commenting on how great the band was and everyone was dancing! Several women came up to me saying that their husbands hadn’t danced with them for years (or ever) and they were up on their feet that night! The Soulsations were a wonderful band. They were so nice, professional, and a joy to watch. I believe my daughter’s wedding day exceeded her expectations and the band was a huge part of a perfect wedding “party”. My goal was for everyone to have a good time and I believe they did! RAM Entertainment was a pleasure to work with and made the whole “booking the band” process easy – everything went off without a hitch and Belle and Russ were always available. My entire experience with RAM and the Soulsations was in every way positive and if I have the chance I will use them again!”

Tommie Marsh (Mother of Bride) – Wedding Reception

“The band was sensational. They feel the crowd and know what to play. The dance floor was packed the entire evening. We could have partied til 3AM because of the SoulSations! Many people told us how much they enjoyed the band. We have been lucky to have been to a few parties where they were playing and we love them more and more each time we see them. We have friends in Atlanta and Macon who asked if they travel. I gave them your website. We wish we could have told each member of the band how great they were. They were so professional and truly seemed to enjoy entertaining us. They really made the evening spectacular!!! Thanks for a night we will never forget!”

Barbara Satterwhite

We were absolutely thrilled with The Soulsations! They had the crowd up the entire wedding reception. And they had us, the bride and groom, up on the stage at one point. We loved them and would 100% recommend them for any event! One of Adam’s family members stated that they felt like the they were watching the Temptations! They were PERFECT!

Shelby Wald

One word: the Soulsations were FABULOUS. Everyone had a wonderful time, especially the bride and groom.T he dance floor was still packed at 12:30 AM and no one was ready for the night to be over. The band was amazing and so entertaining. It was a night we will never forget. Thank you soulsations for a memorable and fantastic wedding reception.

Claudette & Brad Hawkins