A note for note, faithful recreation of what you would have seen and heard if you had attended a Paul McCartney “Wings over America” concert in the mid 1970’s. Also available with “special guest star” Denny Laine, an original member of Wings from 1971 – 1981.

There are many Beatles tributes. But there’s only one show that celebrates the genius of Paul McCartney at the height of his career in the mid 1970s. And this is it!

Praised by Beatles promoter Sid Bernstein – the guy who brought the original Beatles to North America – as “the best on the scene today”, The McCartney Years is a note-for-note faithful recreation of a mid 1970s Paul McCartney concert.

Led by perfectionist Yuri Pool as Sir Paul, the band has a commitment to 100% live and accurate reproductions of McCartney’s concert experience. The show is period-true, technically stunning and sonically explosive. Every note is live and played true to its original arrangement. It has set the standard for all who might follow in this significant body of work. And….it’s a blast to watch and listen to!

The McCartney Years is available for corporate events, private parties, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah), fundraisers, festivals, and more.