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Evolution is a constant force that fuels artistic expression. The artist is never still, but continually seeks different ways to articulate creative inspiration.

For years the members of The Leahy Family have played, danced and shared their music throughout the world, gaining critical acclaim and accolades for their musicality, talent and performance.

In a new grouping, The Leahys are delving further into their love of singing and song-writing. They draw from their individual interests and influences in music, and blend not just their voices, but their stories, instruments, musical styles, and harmonies.

Several members of the group are part of LEAHY, well-known and established performance artists on the Canadian music scene, concentrating on instrumental, celtic, traditional and roots music. As The Leahys, this renewed configuration of Leahy Family members, places greater emphasis on vocals and song-writing, allowing the group to explore new directions and push their musical edges further. Their combined creativity results in richly layered melodies, lyrics and music.

Something intense and electric happens when Leahys get together. Audiences can expect solid and energetic performances along with their trade-mark stand-out musicianship. As one might expect, their songs are distinct and identifiable, their presentation uplifting and full of life.

The Leahys is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.