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Five friends, 20 something and all hailing from NSW?s Central Coast, The Lazys burst on the scene in 2006 combining Punk?s raw edge and anthemic rock.
Building a fan base takes time, but The Lazys bucked the trend and did it in a year, soon coming to the attention of Sydney agent Select Music. The band went on to play before 20,000 fans nationally with fellow Central Coasters Something with numbers.

What followed goes against recent industry mantra. When only several thousand cd?s can secure number 1 in sales, The Lazys sold thousands at their gigs that year (without charting!). Hard working national tours and appearances at the Come Together festival followed, with the band building grass roots following from Brisbane to Tasmania that still support them on every much anticipated visit. Having shared the stage with the likes of US Rockers Against Me, UK?s The Answer, Hollywood?s Juliette and the Licks (Ms Lewis later seen sporting a Lazys Tee shirt!), Grinspoon, and After the Fall it was time to change gear..

The band took their next step in June this year, getting into the studio with producer Phil McKellar (Grinspoon, Silverchair, Kisschasy, The Getaway Plan etc). The result takes the band into another dimension establishing them in Australia?s mass conscious. Singles ?All Fired up?, and ?Union of the Underdogs? were released in July this year and immediately caught the attention of Australian Music legend Michael Chugg who put the boys forward to Jack Daniels to go on the JD Set.

After being voted on to the set in record numbers, the band set off around Australia showcasing their live set. Even when Leon the lead singer twisted his knee after jumping 20 feet off the top of the Marshall cabinets at the Gaelic club they jumped back on the tour bus and headed off to Perth (Crutches and all) for the last set of the JD Tour. And in November this year after securing in excess of 8000 votes, the band were presented live on stage in Melbourne with the Inaugural Jack Daniels Winners award by none other than Gyroscope and Jabba.

Quite the year With an appearance main stage alongside “The Living End, Kisschasy & Cog” at the inaugural Coaster festival in September, a national tour and an EP scheduled for early 2009 the band are set to be this summer’s big news. So, as Something With Numbers front man Jake Grigg announced on Stage to 600 frenzied fans, “Ladies and Gentleman I give you the best, hardest working Rock and Roll band in Australia – THE LAZYS!”

The Lazys is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.