There are multiple artists under the stage name “The Green”
Both are unique and talented, one with Trip Hop tendencies, and the other rooted in Reggae.
Formed in 2009 in Oahu, Hawaii, The Green blends roots reggae with traditional Hawaiian vibes. Their self-titled debut album was named iTunes Best Reggae Album of 2010.

“The Green” has sold over 14,000 copies, and includes the hit song “Love I,” which continues to climb the AC Top 50 Chart. “There’s plenty of invention, not imitation, which should propel The Green to the stratosphere reserved for few stars” (Honolulu Advertiser).
Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, “the Green” is a trip hop outfit that has released four electronic albums including “Emancipation” in 2006, “Dysnomia” in 2008, “White Bear Balloon” in 2009, and the newly released b-sides EP titled “Rise” in 2011.

The Green is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.