In late 2011 members of the band were discussing how to expand the existing five piece group and go after more of the high end weddings, corporate events, and private functions. We wanted to not just play a gig, but put together a choreographed show packed with energy, dance steps, solos, and crowd interaction.

The Sly BandWatching show clips from old Motown artists and current day chart toppers we mimicked their dance moves, copied horn parts, and developed our very own 3 hour nonstop set. This was not an easy task, everyone invested a lot of hard work into each show and rehearsal. Every performance was critiqued, and issues were constantly addressed at rehearsals. Money was spent on top notch sound gear, wireless systems, and in ear monitors. Whatever major label artists were offering clients the Sly Band wanted to offer on a budget people could afford. Eventually a buzz was created, booking agents from Nashville, Cleveland, London and Beruit were inquiring about availability!

The Sly BandAN AMAZING BAND is so much more than just talented musicians, anyone can offer that, it’s talented musicians who ENTERTAIN all while enjoying themselves. It sounds simple, but it’s very hard to find nine people all on the same page. When a band is truly enjoying themselves on the stage the crowd can tell, it separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. The Sly Band wants to perform, it will be obvious from the first note. This is a hard working, top notch band packed with energy, excitement, and the professionalism demanded from the most elite clientele.

I’ve heard many of our clients refer to us as giving them their very own personal concert. We run every show just as they do with major label recording artists. Our 3 hour nonstop set keeps the dance floor packed all night long! Multiple singers, choreography, blazing horn parts, and crowd interaction will keep your guests on their feet dancing the night away. From classy black tie dinners to outside festivals, we will bring energy and professionalism to each and every event.

The Sly BandWhen you hire The Sly Band you will experience professionalism and enthusiasm from your first email or phone call to the last note of the show. Together we will combine ideas and plan the perfect event specifically tailored to you and your guests! The Sly Band is available for weddings, corporate events, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah), fairs and festivals, and more.