SixWire All Star Jam


CUSTOM ALLSTAR JAM brings together Sixwire, an incredible house band comprised of critically acclaimed musicians and some of today’s top entertainers, whether Rock or Country,  to perform with them that creates a one-of-a-kind musical experience that will leave your audience amazed!

With your choice of a number of stars to be a part of the ALLSTAR JAM, the show is built around your budget and made to fit the needs of your audience. It is truly a unique experience with every show. Each show averages 2-4 performers singing their greatest hits as part of one continuous, high-energy performance

  • One critically acclaimed house band
  • Clients can choose their own Artists (Rock, Country, Pop or a little bit of everything)
  • Increased audience engagement and interaction – there’s something for everyone!
  • Increased perceived value by your audience
  • Minimal change over between Artists
  • Multiple Artists at Meet & Greet
  • One Rider with Simple Advance with one tour manager
  • No increased production costs
  • Your company name or event can be branded with “….. ALLSTAR JAM”
  • An unforgettable CUSTOM show for your guests!

The ALL STAR JAM featuring John Elefante, Jason Scheff and Steve Augeri all backed by America’s hottest house band, Sixwire, is the perfect show for your next private or corporate engagement. The ALL STAR JAM is one continuous high energy show packed with your favorite classic rock hits. Sixwire kicks off the show with classic rock covers and then, acting as the evenings emcee, invites each special guest to perform five of their greatest hits and favorite covers. In between each special guest, Sixwire performs another classic rock hit and closes out the night with a medley of classic rock covers. It’s a party from start to finish with lots of audience interaction!

The show is billed as your clients name and the ALL STAR JAM. For example…WME’s ALL STAR JAM. If you have a CEO or executive that has always wanted to be a rock star, we may have an opportunity to showcase their talent performing a song with Sixwire. Depending on your budget, different configurations, additional artists or bigger names can be added to the show. Your audience will be dancing and singing along from start to finish!