Sex Pistols

The ‘real deal’–a term that sums up the Sex Pistols perfectly. In a time where punk rock has become little more than a fashion statement for ‘Sk8er Boys,’ the four original Sex Pistols–John ‘Rotten’ Lydon (vocals), Steve Jones (Guitar), Glen Matlock (bass) and Paul Cook (drums)-will reunite for a North American Tour this August and September, starting at the Boston Fleet Pavilion, August 20th. Those who think Avril Lavigne is ‘punk’ are in for a shock!

The Sex Pistols first toured America 25 years ago, a tour that ultimately ripped the band apart; they later played over 30 sold-out shows in 1996 as part of their hugely successful “Filthy Lucre” World Tour, and by popular demand they return to the U.S. to show all their imitators how to REALLY do it.