Jordan Cook, a.k.a. Reignwolf, is occasionally compared to Jack White, as much for his agitated distorto-blues guitar licks and anguished vocals as for his reductive approach to instrumentalists. But Cook takes things a step further than White did in the White Stripes, often appearing on club and festival stages — and, during a recent opening stint for Black Sabbath, in front of arena crowds — as a one-man band. Which leaves him plenty of ground to cover, both musically and physically: A Reignwolf song might present Cook singing while seated behind a drum kit, guitar in lap, fretting hopped-up boogie riffs with his left hand and pounding out a frenzied beat with his three other limbs. Or he might stand center stage, singing and playing while one foot keeps time on a lone kick drum. But by song’s end, chances are he’ll be ripping wild, fuzzed-out solos while perched high atop a stack of overdriven amps or while writhing around on the floor in a tangle of guitar chords — or even, in the case of an infamous 2012 Sasquatch! Festival appearance, while straddling the shoulders of a thick-necked and unsuspecting security guard.

Reignwolf is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.