Hope you are doing well. Now that things are finally starting to settle down after the wedding, I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to you and Reality Show Band. As you may recall, they played at my wedding in Savannah on Nov. 5. They were absolutely incredible and gave so much life to the party. I had folks coming up to me all evening saying how much they were enjoying the band. Their performances were amazing, they got people of all ages on the dance floor and even let a fried of mine sing on stage with them. And, let me just say the lead female singer who sang Adele – AMAZING. That was certainly a highlight for me!
Please give my upmost thanks to the band members! And best of luck to all of you in the future. We may cross paths again! Sincerely, Erin Logan Tollison
Erin T. (Nov. 5th, 2011)

Mother of the Bride
Hi Ted – The Reality Show Band was FANTASTIC! We all had the best time! Everyone was on the dance floor the entire evening. Even me and my 50+ year old friends were making fools of ourselves! Everyone kept raving on the band and asking who they were. Great job! They even handled all our requests for the songlist even though they were only given a short time to prepare. Thank you so much for arranging the band to play for our daughter’s wedding. We will definately use them again. Please give them all our best. Love,
Cynthia T. (November 12th, 2011)
Mother of the Bride

Lake Tahoma Weekend Show
Ellie!!! We could not have asked for a more perfect band!! LaMonte and the band were wonderful!! Under the conditions that they had ( ie heat, rain, and a few of the guests “stalking” the female singers) the Reality Show Band performed a super show sounding as good, if not better than the originals! You and RSB actually made me look good because everyone kept telling me that they were hands down the best band we have ever had at our Lake Tahoma Weekend! Ellie, Thank you for all of your help!! I know that we were not an easy group to work with considering our budget and time constraints!! I will definitely recommend RSB for the group planning next years LTW, not that they need any coaxing!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Courtney S.
Lake Tahoma Weekend

Class Reunion
We loved having Reality Showband play at our class reunion! Not only were they an extremely talented band, but they were great at getting the crowd involved. Throughout the night, I received many compliments on what a great band we had booked for our reunion. They were also professional and polite in every way. They are definitely a band I would want to work with again! Thanks for a great time!
Mary B.
Event Chair