Neil Finn / Finn Brothers

There’s a double rainbow in the sky over Los Angeles. It’s a good omen. Tim and Neil Finn have flown in from New Zealand to record a new album, Everyone Is Here.

The pair has enjoyed global success alone and together. Between their solo careers, Crowded House, Split Enz, and a stash of classic songs, the Finn brothers have contributed more than their fair share of the tunes we hum in our quieter moments.

There are too many songs to list, but try a handful like this for size; “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” “Weather With You,” Six Months In A Leaky Boat,” “I Got You,” “Persuasion,” “She Will Have Her Way”… the list goes on and on. Still, we’re hungry for more, and ever hopeful of what the next chapter may bring.

Before work properly commenced on Everyone Is Here, Tim mused on each brother bringing a “certain knowledge, experience and confidence into the situation. Starting fresh, but bringing what you’ve learned from your own work into the project… anything could happen”.