Middle Class Rut play a visceral brand of alternative rock that echoes the intensity of Jane’s Addiction and Refused, the pummeling backbone of Rage Against The Machine and the anthemic post-punk core of The Foo Fighters.

Only in their mid-20s, Middle Class Rut, consisting of Zack Lopez (guitar/vocals) and Sean Stockham (drums/vocals), are already veteran musicians; both guys were core members of Leisure, which was signed to DreamWorks back in 2000 when Sean and Zack were just in their early teens. After Leisure disbanded several years later, Zack and Sean returned to their hometown of Sacramento, California. Hunkering down in their homegrown studio, they started jamming and writing music together.

After penning more than 60 songs, their new project, Middle Class Rut, was officially born in December 2006.The band’s first national tour happened in the fall of 2008, when they hit the road with The Receiving End Of Sirens and Envy On The Coast. From the first show of that tour, Middle Class Rut completely destroyed expectations and won over legions of new fans. After seeing the band’s intense and charismatic performance, Alternative Press wrote in its January 2008 issue that “..it’s mind-blowing to witness the sheer depth and complexity of the sound these two guys are capable of unleashing on their own, but once the novelty subsides, you’re left with incendiary post-rock with visible traces of 90s alternative.”

After a series of EP’s, Middle Class Rut’s debut album ‘No Name No Color’ was released on October 5 2010 in the US and on November 22 2010 in the UK.

Middle Class Rut is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.