“Nowwwwwwwww you say you’re looooonely”

Sings a seemingly bruise, slightly battered and passionate-sounding Michael Bublé at the start of his new collection of songs on “Crazy Love.” The song “Cry Me A River” is a story full of sound and fury – of love gone wrong. Bublé’s performance embodies the very essence of the soul of a man whose heart has been torn apart. A bummer tent of rejection and rage.

And that’s just the first song!

You might think you know that tune “Cry Me A River” because it’s already been covered with sly and subtle contempt by artists as diverse as Ella Fitzgerald to Joe Cocker. But Bublé’s version breathes fresh new fire into the torrid torch song in a while different and often wrenching way. “My songs have always been about love – mine and everyone else’s. But this time it was a little more extreme – and I dug deeper – way deeper,” says Bublé about the collection.
Right away you can feel the real.