Michael Amante

Michael Amante is affectionately known as the “People’s Tenor.” He has been crowned the “Prince of High C’s” for his remarkable ability to hit and sustain with ease, one of the highest notes of a tenor’s voice. With Michael’s long history of singing popular Rock and Gospel music, coupled with extensive classical Bel-Canto training, he is able to sing even higher with a strength and mastery rarely heard anywhere in the world. Being able to produce these notes consistently within the context of a moving line and in conjunction with a beautiful sound, requires not only talent, but skilled use of technique. The most prolific tenor of all time, Luciano Pavarotti, the “King of High C’s,” once described the feeling this way: “Excited and happy, but with a strong undercurrent of fear. The moment I actually hit the note, I almost lose consciousness. A physical, animal sensation seizes me. Then I regain control.” Amante experiences this thrilling sensation as well.

Michael Amante’s artistry drew his highest praise from none other than Luciano Pavarotti, who recognized his unique talent after he first experienced Michael’s vocal prowess. Pavarotti suggested but one name to perform in his stead for an international audience: Michael Amante. Joining the ranks of high-class commentators was opera legend Franco Corelli, with whom Michael trained and who was lavish in his praise, saying that Michael was “one of the greatest voices I’d ever heard.”