Meyhem Lauren is a street savvy Queens-bred wordsmith in his mid twenties. He represents a genre in Hip Hop that is currently on the verge of extinction. While most artists of today compromise to industry standards, Meyhem continues to make pure uncut music for the street.

His style is reminiscent to Hip Hop’s golden era. A major factor that separates Mey from other artist in this category is the fact that he can rhyme about anything and still keep his identity. Several lyrically inclined artists? still make quality music? the problem with these artists is that many of them are one dimensional.

Prior to picking up the mic, Meyhem was mainly known for getting fresh and getting money. A lot of rappers talk about living fast, luxurious name brand clothing, street life, etc? In reality many of them never had jewelry, exclusive footwear, or even a home of their own before signing a record deal. This is far from the case for Meyhem. To sum it up, he has been viewed as legendary figure long before he even thought of writing rhymes.

Meyhem’s debut appearance was on the DJ J-Love’s “King of What I Do” part 6 mix tape in 2004. Since then he has been on numerous other mix tapes and DVDs. Meyhem Lauren’s music is already on frequent rotation in various Hip Hop radio shows. The main shows that have shown support are: NYU’s Halftime Radio show, WKCR’s Squeeze Radio, Sirius Satellite Wax 40 Pure Amazement Show, The Dirty Hour, Industry Shakedown Radio as well as The Extravagangsta Radio Show. After being on the mixtape scene and working closely with J-Love for a few years “The Mixtape King” invited Meyhem to join him on an album that he had already started composing titled “Acknowledge Greatness”. On that project Meyhem and J-Love both shared the mic on a quest to bring New York City street rap back to its essence.

Tracks were recorded with legendary lyricists such as Ghostface Killah, Kool G Rap, M.O.P., Cormega, Large Professor, AZ, Theodore Unit, Killa Sha, Tragedy Khadafi, Cappadonna, Old Dirty Bastard, Roc Marciano, and Thirstin Howl III. The album also featured brand new talent from artists such as Timeless Truth, Jay- Steele, Animal, Bagz Lo, and Take It. Shortly after the album was released die hard hip hop fans embraced it and reviewed it as an underground classic.

Meyhem is currently working on numerous highly anticipated projects. First is a long overdue street album titled “Self Induced Illness” This project is a two disc collection of works which will consist of unreleased Meyhem songs and will feature artist such as Kool G. Rap, Raekwon, J-Love, Killa Sha, Thirstin Howl III, Action Bronson, Gab Gacha, Roc Marciano, The Outdoorsmen, Timeless Truth, and more. Featured producers on this glorious venture include J-Love, PF Cuttin, N. Plated, Thorotracks , R. Thentic, Shakim Allah, Anger Bangers, Terminill, Bluntologist, Tyme, and Artoffical. Other contributions to the “Self Induced Illness” mix tape include scratches by Cut Master Extraordinaire Supa Dave and Rocafella Records beat smith Just Blaze.

These projects will be followed by a Meyhem solo LP titled “MEY-DAY” which is currently being recorded. The album features production by Just Blaze, J-Love, Large Professor, PF Cuttin, Ayatollah, Shakim Allah and many more.
Also set to drop is a mix tape Titled “Project Meyhem” that will consist of Meyhem Lauren verses over classic hip hop instrumentals. “Project Meyhem” will also feature rare Meyhem interviews and freestyles. Another project in the works is a mixtape with all original music produced primarily by an up and coming producer by the name of Nickel Plated, This project will feature artists such as Krumb Snatcha, Blaq Poet, NYG’Z, The Outdoorsmen and more. Hip Hop connoisseurs, record labels, and producers should all keep their eyes peeled for Meyhem Lauren?2009 is the official start of the Meyhem takeover.

Meyhem Lauren is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.