Charleston Event
They were great, thank you so much! The group loved them and stayed out on the dance floor until the end of the final song. They were such a fun band and David does a great job of keeping the attendees dancing, laughing and having a great time. Thanks again, let them know that we really had a good time. I will keep them in my file and will definitely let colleagues, etc know about them if they’re ever in Charleston. Sincerely,
Laura M. (Oct. 19th, 2011)

Mother of the Bride
The band was great and got rave reviews from our guests. The lead singer was especially good. They got the guests involved making for a fun evening. They were perfect for our daughter’s wedding reception! Please thank them for us.
Margie A. (June 11th, 2011)
Mother of the Bride

Parent’s Weekend Event at Clemson University
Parents Cocktail went so well. Everyone loved Men of Distinction. They played at our parents cocktail last year and people didn’t really remember them because there was no room to dance but, that is not the case this year. I am still hearing fabulous reviews on them. For me, they were very easy to work with, announcing what I needed, when I needed. And for everyone else, they enjoyed that the band interacted with the crowd, including doing silly things such as the can-can. Thanks again for all of your help over the past few months!
Chandler G.
Social Chair Delta Delta Delta-Clemson University

Private Event
Men of Distinction were PHENOMENAL! They were so nice, respectful and professional and were always making sure everything was on time and going smoothly. They were all super nice but David especially was very professional and kind. Can’t wait to use them again!
Lisa B.
Daniel Island Club

Wedding/Event Planner
We had a Wedding event July 18, 2009 at the Greensboro Country Club. The band we chose was the Men of Distinction. (We had seen them years before, remembered the horns and how they played great songs.) At the wedding they were simply fabulous.
We printed and looked at their song list on the website. The bride, groom and bride’s parents picked the songs we liked. We sent that list to David Kitchings. We made suggestions on the set lengths. We chose songs for the special dances.. first dance, father daughter dance, etc. I even called David a couple weeks before to check in. At that time he said the band had not performed my song choice for the father daughter dance. Then during the call he decided that they were going to practice the song and perform if for us. They did a great job as the professional musicians that they are. Tell David thank you again.
Once the special dances were done the party really started. The dance floor was overflowing ALL NIGHT, except during their breaks.When everyone raved about the band we knew we had made the right choice.
Rodger K.