Mark Anderson’s Retro Ball

Mark Anderson’s RETRO BALL is unique multi-media disco production like none other, This production features a music and visual mix that is part 70’s polyester and mirrors balls with chrome danceable rock and roll classics!

The centerpiece of this production features a 10-foot diagonal moving mirror ball projected onto a large 10-foot diagonal video screen that can be color matched to your décor (standard). Themed images from period 70’s pop culture are projected onto the big screen (such as but not limited to): popular movie posters, iconic actors and artists, lava lamps, disco balls and YOUR IMAGES (logo’s, pictures from back in the day, sponsor logo’s, etc) are included in the standard production (if venue limits video projection, LCD TV’s can be substituted for video projection).

Classic music videos can be part of the RETRO BALL production as your favorite music videos can play back at your event! The “MATV” video option takes the RETRO theme to a whole new level! See, hear and experience your favorite “old school” 70’s era artists on the big screens as the audio and lighting systems set the mood for a memorable multi-media event!

Retro Ball
Multiple sparkling mirror balls twisting and turning with color changing effects enhance the RETRO theme of this disc jockey production (optional).

The RETRO BALL production incorporates a large premium L.E.D. lighting system as a standard feature. This lighting system drenches the venue with robust color washes creatively programmed (color chases, washes and strobe effects). Additionally the RETRO BALL production delivers nothing but the best when it comes to dynamic audio punch as the best audio system and engineers in the region travels with this show! Audio system specs and details are available if requested.

Mark Anderson’s RETRO BALL is a journey through some of the best dance music ever recorded by artists such as but not limited to: Earth, Wind & Fire, Donna Summer, Barkays, Bee Gees, Prince, Rolling Stones, Rick James, Gap Band, Chic, Aretha Franklin, Kool & The Gang, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Commodores, AC / DC, Al Green, Soundtrack / Saturday Night Fever, Isaac Hayes, Areosmith, KC & The Sunshine Band, Soundtrack / Grease, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, Abba, Michael Jackson, Parliament, Steppenwolf, Beastie Boys, Van Morrison, The Trammps, Blondie and many others too numerous to mention!

Mark Anderson’s Retro Ball is available for weddings, corporate events, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitvah), and fundraisers.