Nicolas II and Aria S, aka Louis Vivet, have effectively risen the ranks of Los Angeles? burgeoning dance collective after a seminal breakthrough year. The duo boast a sound that?s founded on house music, one that also possesses clear influences from deep/UK styles, progressive house, and pop. LV’s live performances have resonated with audiences, highlighted by a diverse track selection that reflects their artistic diversity. When they aren’t producing or performing, you’ll find LV working on new graphics or visuals to enhance their live shows. In the vein of Feed Me, Nicolas II oversees the art direction and overall brand, having studied design at USC’s Roski School of Fine Arts. LV brings listeners into their own carefully constructed universe with their heavy emphasis on narrative storytelling, one that they communicate clearly through their art and music.

Last Fall Louis Vivet debuted their smash hit during a Discovery Project performance at Escape All Hallow?s Eve. Playing on the 90?s classic ?Save Tonight?, LV successfully bridged the multi-generational gap for a radio friendly single that can still be heard to this day. With over 750,000 plays on SoundCloud and an equally popular remix by Nigel Good, Louis Vivet successfully turned the folk anthem into a mellow masterpiece. This caught the attention of international DJ / producer Gareth Emery, who has regularly featured their tracks on his Electric For Life podcast. It wasn?t until after the massive success of ?Save Tonight?, that Louis Vivet debuted their first original track ?Downbeat? in March 2015 on Dancing Astronaut. This exceptional track is comprised of trip step pops, melodic lifts, and pounding bursts of energy. Possessing a clear talent for utilizing vocal samples, ?Downbeat? showcased their ability as both remixers and producers. Throughout a spectrum of different influences, Louis Vivet have continued to stay true to branding themselves outside of all preconceived genre limitations.

They impressed crossover audiences once again by taking a minimal approach to the brilliantly reworked ?Dead? by Phoebe Ryan?s. It was transformed into a dance-centric rendition that maintained the original?s allure. The singer songstress was a supporter of the remix as well. After crafting their efforts around an indie-dance route, Louis Vivet provided a glimpse into their stylistic diversity by venturing into a deeper house sound. ?Nightfall,? in which Magnetic Mag describes as ?a bold vocal anthem that takes control of your entire senses with dark vocals and hypnotizing instrumentations?, continued LV?s ascension within the dance blogosphere.

Once again Nicolas II and Aria S flipped the script, remaking ?Silvia? by Miike Snow. Infused with deep layers of passion and emotion, Louis Vivet proved their ability to make an inspired cover into a full-fledged project. The rework was accompanied by an original graphic novel, illustrating the story behind ?Silvia?, a piece of art that has since been picked up by USC. With support from some of the largest names in dance music, Louis Vivet opened for multi-platinum selling artist Felix Jaehn, further developing their stardom and limitless potential for the future.

Louis Vivet is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.