Beginning in his home state of Maryland, upcoming star Logic (born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II) has been crushing the rap scene since he was 17 years old. Logic cites the Wu Tang Clan as his influence in the early days, and his dream is to work with Kanye West.

Growing up without a father figure in his life, Logic left home and has been flying solo ever since. A compulsive perfectionist, Logic is “…always in the studio recording and mixing,” and doesn’t frequently “party and hang out, play video games and go on vacation.”Above anything, the results show in his lyrics. He is the most dedicated rapper in the game, hands down. To this date, Logic has dropped two mixtapes, entitled Young, Broke, & Infamous and Young Sinatra, the latter receiving high praise for its hits ‘Mind of Logic’, ‘Stewie Griffin’, and ‘Juice’.

Logic has gained a multitude of followers since his days of small shows at the University of Maryland. In December, he stole the show at Webster Hall, exciting the crowd of 1,500 with his lyricism and energy. Logic has stated that “Bobby Soxer, long story short, is a term for my female fans. Back in the day Frank Sinatra had called his fans Bobby Soxers.” The rest of his fans are known as the Ratt Pack (Real All The Time), an ode to the jazz/swing group of which his ‘Young Sinatra’ mantra draws its name.

Humbled by his success, Logic frequently gives credit to his team, consisting of Big Lenbo (his closest friend), Chris Zarou (his manager), OB and 6ix of The Official (his producers), and lastly GRVTY (Camera Man, Director behind Logic’s visuals), for continuing to push and assist him in his rise to the top. 6ix is now also his official DJ. Logic is an artist with great success behind him, who continues to claw his way to the top of the charts.

Logic is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.