Les Hay Babies is an indie-folk-country music trio consisting of three girls with colorful personalities. 2013 Francouvertes big winners, winners of several prizes at Festival View on Succession and all from New Brunswick, Katrine, Vivianne and Julie intermingle their accents to create a flamboyant atmosphere and submit their own recipe of indie-folk-country . One of their greatest strength is certainly the vocal harmonies, but authentic stories they tell are also what makes the charm of this trio.

The group Les Hay Babies launched their first EP entitled “Folio” on 31 July 2012. This bilingual disc includes six original songs to indie-folk sounds, four songs in French and one in English. Some songs are one or the other girls, some were written in trio. It includes a colorful music, imbued sensitivity and humor, like these three young songwriters and performers.

In April 2014 was launched the album Homesick My Heart, the first full title for the trio, which for the occasion has several experienced musicians. Directed by François Lafontaine (Karkwa, Arthur H) and recorded by Mathieu Parisien (Karkwa, Arthur H), “My Homesick Heart” is an album with deep atmospheres and rich textures, courtesy of visceral guitar playing Joe Grass ( Patrick Watson) and Mico Roy (the Hostess Hilaire), the “drums” vibrating Major Jose (Marie-Pierre Arthur) and exemplary mastery of the bass lines delivered by Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson). Powerful texts show enough personal themes, sometimes addressed more deeply, sometimes with a slight humorous touch. The typical accent of New Brunswick for three singers also brings color and authenticity that stand out from the crowd. Since the release of the album, the catchy melodies are now delivered on stage not only by the trio, but also by three seasoned musicians each with an original signature: Mico Roy on guitar, Marc-André Béliveau on drums and Kevin McIntyre on bass and keyboards.

The three artists are all winners of the Junkie Song organized by the Federation of Francophone youth in New Brunswick (2009 and 2010). They recently received the Edith Butler Award at the Gala of the merits of SPACQ (Professional Society of Authors and Composers of Quebec). Moreover, Les Hay Babies are currently nominated in several galas and award ceremonies. First, she finalists in the “Francophone Songwriter of the Year” category at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Then the album Homesick My Heart is nominated in several categories at the NBM Awards (New Brunswick Music Awards), and the ADISQ “folk albums of the year”, “Revelation of the Year” and “Producer of the year” for François Lafontaine.

Les Hay Babies is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.