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Top 10 Beatport International charting artist and accredited ARIA award winner.

With 1 Platinum and 3 Gold albums to his credit, DJ Lenno stands as one of Australia?s most successful artist/djs of our time.

Known amongst his eminent fans as THE GODFTATHER, Dj Lenno has sold over 250,000 cds and proudly achieved accredited ARIA award status, testimony to his success in Australia.

With over a decade of appearances in more than 600 clubs and events worldwide, DJ Lenno?s reputation has become synonymous with providing shows that have been nothing less than hands in the air euphoria.

Entering 2014, THE GODFATHER delivers in a new and exciting chapter of his career, signing to international record labels Universal Music & Homebrew Records.

In heated anticipation, the international release of his new single ?SHAKE DAT ASS? has been plutonic to say the least reaching all expected heights and acquiring accolades and support from the industry?s finest:

-Thomas Gold ?Point?
-Jesse Gibson (Ministry of Sound Radio) ? ?Yeh this is a pretty cool…?
-Timmy Trumpet ?5 out of 5 Tune?
– Timmy Bryne ? Kiss FM ? ?Yes?

Uniquely fused with ol skool hip hop overtures, this dance classic also spawns off into an explosive music video hit that delivers a story synonymous with THE GODAFTHER’S addictive musical staying power.

Lenno is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.