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Sometimes, serendipity just takes over. You?re in the right place at the right time, and all of the
pieces interlock. The formation of Montreal?s Le Trouble definitely had the blessing of
happenstance. While working at an agency penning music for commercials, guitarist Max met
singer and keyboardist Michael, and magic ensued.

?I was working on a personal song, and Michael heard it,? recalls Max. ?He told me he had to
lay down some melodies. It was simple. We struck up a friendship really quickly and wrote
more songs. That?s how it started. It was all meant for fun.?

They rounded out the band lineup with another guitarist Bao-Khanh?who happened to be an
intern at the same company?and his friends Garrett [bass] and Jesse [drums]. Like that, Le
Trouble officially came to life in the middle of 2011. Riding an intense creative wave, these
five musicians soon had an entire album?s worth of material before they knew it. Then, their
independently released debut caught the attention of LAVA Records in 2012, and they struck
a deal with the label.

Now, they?re releasing their formal debut EP. It?s a swirling melting pot of unshakable hooks
and a dash of punk rock energy with abounding charisma. ?I always tell people I play in a pop
band,? smiles Bao-Khanh. Max puts it best, ?I?ve always wanted to ride that thin line between
Meat Loaf, Hall and Oates, and punk. We?re close friends, and that contributes to how tight
everything is. It?s real chemistry.?

The first single ?Real Talk (Part 2)? is emblematic of that chemistry. It sails from Michael?s slick
falsetto into an energetic riff before culminating on a massive danceable refrain that?s as
swaggering as it is soaring. ?It?s a song about people breaking up?like a couple at the tail
end of their relationship,? says Bao-Khanh. ?You can practically sing that guitar part. We love
doing that kind of thing.?

Chances are you?ll be singing along to everything that Le Trouble does though, and that?s
really the point at the end of the day. ?This is all about having a good time for us and whoever
is listening,? concludes Bao-Khanh. ?We want to be so catchy that you feel like we?re a guilty

Le Trouble is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.