Kevin grew up with a deep love for and interest in music. Learning piano and then guitar, young Kevin sang in church choirs and in school productions. Motown and The Four Seasons caught his ear growing up, along with the later sounds of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, and Sting — artists that no doubt inspired Kevin’s love of strong, lyrically-driven melodies and harmonies.

A fortuitous meeting with John Coinman, at the onset of Kevin’s acting career, bonded the two men in their love of music and they began writing and performing together along with another friend, Blair Forward. Together they formed the band Roving Boy. As Kevin’s acting career took off and made ever-increasing demands on his time and focus, he was faced with a tough decision as to whether to continue acting or to follow his musical instincts. Acting won out and music became a private pastime, but the hobby would come front center once more in the years to come.

Ever loyal to his friends, Kevin continued to involve John Coinman in a musical capacity on various movie projects. Then, a couple of years ago around the time of the shooting of The Guardian, Kevin’s wife, Christine, encouraged him to once again take up his guitar and pursue his love of music.

Kevin, John, and Blair got together and found they still enjoyed making their brand of music, and Kevin made the decision to form a new band. John recruited lead guitarist and producer Teddy Morgan, drummer Larry Cobb, and Park Chisolm, and Kevin Costner and Modern West was born. The group quickly developed an easy friendship and a shared love for the sound they created.

Sure, there’s an undeniable inherent curiosity factor among some members of the audience as to what a Hollywood actor/director/producer is doing performing in a band. But a couple of songs in and crowds forget the celebrity aspect and embrace the music for what it is. Audiences the world over appreciate the passion and exuberance of Modern West’s original music and performances.

Kevin loves for the Modern West shows to be up-close and personal experiences, and he prefers their performances be in non-seated settings where the audience can literally be “within reach” of the band. The honest exchange that takes place as the band shares its music with an audience thrills Kevin, and it allows him the opportunity to create a connection with his fans beyond shaking hands and signing autographs.

Kevin Costner & Modern West is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.