The Canadian group Junkhouse was formed in 1989 by guitarist and singer Tom Wilson. Other members of the original formation were drummer Ray Farrugia, guitarist Dan Achen, and bassist and vocalist Russ Wilson. After a number of years, keyboardist and guitarist Colin Cripps was brought in to extend the lineup. Around the same time, bassist Grant Marshall arrived on the scene to replace Russ Wilson. Throughout the ’90s, Junkhouse recorded several singles and albums.

In the late ’80s, Tom Wilson was part of a group called the Florida Razors. When things crashed to an end for that band, Wilson moved on, unsure of what he was looking for or of what steps to take next in his life and career. A year later, he found those steps and formed Junkhouse. He also did some solo work, landing a deal with Sony Music. In 1993, his group signed with the same label and a debut album, Strays, hit the market that same year. A few singles were released from the debut, along with a popular music video to “Out of My Head.” Canada’s answer to MTV, MuchMusic, helped Junkhouse expand its fan base and it didn’t take long for Strays to go gold for the group. Some of the other tracks on this first full-length outing are “The Waiting,” “Big Brown Turtle,” “Jesus Sings the Blues,” “Weight on Me Mama,” and “No Way Out of Love.”

It took two years for a sophomore album, Birthday Boy, to show up. It was the last one that Russ Wilson would be a part of. By the time Fuzz was released in 1997, Junkhouse had added two new members, Cripps and Marshall.

Junkhouse is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.