Jeff Dunham has become a global entertainment brand and imminently bankable star whose two decades of unparalleled success have left him one of the world’s most recognizable and inventive entertainers. His NBC primetime comedy special “Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood,” drew more than 6 million viewers when it aired in September this past year, winning the night for the network in non-NFL programming.

Dunham tours have a proven global appeal, and he has been awarded Billboard’s Top Comedy Tour for three years running, and Guinness World Records recently named Jeff Dunham as the world record holder for “Most Tickets Sold for a Stand-up Comedy Tour.” He has sold out stadium-sized shows across three continents, from the United Kingdom to Sydney, Toronto to Copenhagen.

Dunham, of course, has plenty of help: his entourage of signature characters who are loud, irreverent and unforgettable. There’s Walter, the grumpy retiree. The beer-swilling, NASCAR-loving and resolutely redneck Bubba J. The furry and manic Peanut, who carries his own ventriloquist dummy, Little Jeff. José Jalapeño, the spicy pepper from South of the border. The bumbling, skeletal Achmed the Dead Terrorist and his almost as dead long-lost son. These characters, conceived and handcrafted by Dunham, are anything but dummies and have now taken on a life of their own, each with a legion of fans.

Jeff Dunham is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.