Full of ambition and the highest of expectations, the Canadian Mid-West, and soon the whole Northern spectrum are about to be introduced to the assemblage known as The Holly Springs Disaster. Congregated from the ruins of a number of greatly respected groups (Away From Here, Short Story, Prevail, Straight Reads the Line), these five heavily practiced and audibly distinguished young men have paid their dues and are ready take on whatevers thrown at them. With Southern rock and hardcore comprising their influences, the boys of The Holly Springs Disaster spit out some of the dirtiest riffs and nastiest breakdowns to come from a collective of boys, yearning for the reverence they’ve for quite some time deserved.

Brilliant songwriting and inventive lyricism play a big part in The Holly Springs Disasters digest of gutsy compositions while guttural screams, abrasive guitars and resonant drums encompass their pretentious-free music. Planning to take the Canadian realm by storm in the months to come, these five determined boys have a plural of gritty, grungy and pure rock and roll embrace that’ll knock you on your ass and leave you little time to recover from the debacle before their sheer intensity ensues.

Unfortunately, as of 2009, Michael Froh (vocals), has left the band due to personal reasons. http://www.myspace.com/dearsolace (Check out the blog for info). The Holly Springs Disaster will continue to find a new vocalist, and we wish them the best of luck in the future. Recently, the band has stated that it will be doing one final tour and then they are done. This tour will include the awesome, and amazing Michael Froh.

The Holly Springs Disaster is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.