GINO wants to give you a night to remember. Alot of bands claim to be the number one dance band of this area or that area, but GINO prefers to settle it on stage. GINO has been satisfying audiences for well over a decade and has entertained all across our country and throughout Europe. GINO has an international flare that can make the world party. So get ready to get down, get funky, and get loose as you dance the night away with GINO.

Gino – Keyboards/Band Lead/Manager/Lead Vocals Gino is a veteran entertainer. He is seasoned and poised to bring you a night to remember. Gino has recorded with, and performed with many of the great artists of our era – from Aaron Neville, Vince Gill and The Barkays to Frankie Valli, Kim Carnes and BeBe and CeCe Winans – to name just a few. Prepare for the ride of your life!

Miss BLU – Vocals (Lead and Background) Miss BLU is a seasoned and exciting vocalist. She’s been with the band five years. Her renditions of At Last, I Will Survive and Respect is a must have. Miss BLU is very easy on your eyes and very sweet in your ears. I’m talking about Miss BLU!

J. J. AKA James Jackson – Bass Guitar and Background Vocals This very funky, high energy bass player will blow you away with his awesome stage presence and bass chops. J. J. is also a veteran entertainer that will set the party off. Come and see the amazing J. J. play, sing and dance!

Tom Barkoukis – Guitar -This guy is simply amazing on guitar! He can wow you with powerful guitar solos, or he can soothe you with incredible melodies that you can close your eyes to. Tom is also a veteran player and performer.

Trey Byrd – Drums-Trey is the very pulse and heartbeat of the band. This seasoned drummer has impeccable timing and he can serve up beats that will rock any party. He is the undisputed truth on a drum kit. This guy is talented!

Tony Gino Speight II – Vocals (Lead and Background) Look out Usher and Chris Brown! Someone is knocking at your door. This extraordinary singer and dancer takes the show by storm. Added to his credits are: CeCe Winans, Nicole Mullens and American Idol’s George Huff. He is a bolt of lightning that will take your party to another level!

Mike Foster – Saxophone- Mike is a seasoned player with monster chops out of this world. With his solos and rhythm lines, it adds the right pieces to the party. You gotta hear this guy play!

Tabitha Speight – Vocals (Lead and Background) This talented singer has a future as bright as the sun. She is amazing! You will be entertained by her incredible vocal skills, her awesome stage presence, and her stunning beauty. Come and see little Beyonce.