GARY PUCKETT and the UNION GAP was one of the most successful musical groups of the sixties. Gary’s unmistakable signature voice garnered six consecutive gold records and top ten Billboard hits with the following titles:


GARY PUCKETT has performed on more than thirty network television shows and prime time specials during his career, even adding a command performance for the President and Prince Charles at the White House. The Union Gap disbanded in the seventies. In 1974, “Young Girl” was reissued in England where it received a silver record award for attaining a top five position on the pop charts, several years after its initial release.

Gary continues to tour nationally & internationally, has a new album out now, “GARY PUCKETT – LIVE”, and has recently released his first ever Chrismas CD, entitled “At Christmas”.

In 1968 Gary Puckett and The Union Gap had six consecutive gold records and sold more records than any other recording act…including the Beatles.

They played a command performance at the White House for Prince Charles and Princess Anne by special invitation of the President.

Gary Puckett and The Union Gap was one of a very select group of touring acts to achieve prominence worldwide.

In 1971 Gary disbanded The Union Gap

In 1974 Young Girl was reissued by popular request in England where it reached number five and achieved a Silver Record Award for the second time. This is a full six years after the song was initially released.

The Gary Puckett and The Union Gaps Greatest Hits album is one of CBS best selling Collector Series albums today.

In 1986 Gary was invited to tour with the Monkees on their national reunion tour, which established itself as a major hit of the 1986 touring season.

In 2001, Gary has released his latest CD, “In Europe”. Originally recorded
in Europe, this CD has new versions of “Young Girl” and “Lady Willpower”,with a European flair.

In August 2001, Gary released his first ever Christmas CD, called
“At Christmas”. This CD, available exclusively at, is a beautiful collection of traditional Christmas
songs….Well worth the wait.

In March 2002, Gary released “Live”, a collection of hits recorded live and featuring the song ” Home “, dedicated to the men and women defending our country with their lives.

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.