Born in 1956 in Canada, Dustin grew up as drama and poem actor who used to amaze people through his quality work at a very tender age. Due to his consistence and persistence, he became so creative and he became a very powerful song writer. He is now the leader of pop and rock music all over the world and his music has never been underrated since he started his career. He propelled his music career growth by releasing the powerful singles called, “Come Back to Me” and “Life Could Be Worse” which are the major hits that made him to go above every music playing station.

He has recorded some of his works at pseudonym Brandon Wolf records where some of his hits were ranked number one in many parts of the world. In 1997, ten years down the recording career, he started the largest cattle ranch in Colombia where he was then an entrepreneur in farming sector. But he did not deviate from the music industry and in 2006 he released one of the hottest albums, “gift horse” which was welcomed by fans from across the world and he started getting many invitations to perform the songs.

“Live at Cates Hill was his work with Ulrich and Taylor after combining efforts in 2009. This came as another propeller of his life music growth. The high bar gang was also his works with Ulrich in 2010 after they saw that their efforts worked appropriately in 2009. Angela and Wendy became part of the band as well and it was more satisfactory and interesting to listen to their songs. He is now regarded as a professional musician and a mentor to young artistes who would like to overcome the competition and shine like he did.

Dustin Bentall & the Smokes is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.