Dynamite production duo Dr.Vades, consists of the extremely talented brothers Dr.Kane & JayVades. Hailing from East London and coming from a family of musicians, the two have had a strong passion for music from a young age. Heavily influenced by the likes of Timbaland and The Neptunes, the pair recently joined forces and has been producing music together since early 2014.

Prior to this formation, both members were forging their own musical experience; Dr.Kane made the huge House hit ‘Tribal man skank’, a record supported on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Kiss FM. Similarly, JayVades has been recording music since the tender age of 8 years old and now, at only 21, has built an impressive CV in music engineering.

Dr. Vades is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.