Class Reunion

Class Reunion is an offshoot of the popular rock group The Crusaders, which was a high school rock group from Central Mississippi in the late sixties.

Like all Mississippi rock groups in the sixties, of which there were over 200, The Crusaders made rock and roll music for the teenagers. Fortunately, The Crusaders succeeded beyond most other bands by being selected as one of the top three bands in Mississippi in 1967 and the members were only sixteen years old.

If you are old enough,you can remember such great bands as The Gants, The Cavaliers, The Royal American Showmen, and Uncle Sam,to name just a few. Unfortunately, college and the Vietnam War broke up many of the bands from that time. The number of Mississippi bands quickly dropped from over 200 to fewer than 30. The Crusaders were one of those casualties.

The breakup of the band lasted for nearly 13 years. Strangely enough, all the members of the band wound back up in the same small town of Kosciusko, Mississippi, after college graduation.

Class Reunion BandIn 1983, someone suggested that the group get back together for a fifteenth reunion of the graduating class of some of the band members. The idea was good, but most of the band had not picked up an instrument for a number of years. For some, it had been exactly 13 years. The challenge was to be great. The fire had nearly burned out for most of the former members, although not by choice. The group thought about the possibility, had lengthy conversations about it, thought about it again, and then thought some more. After about fifteen minutes, they decided to try. Preparing for the comeback was not easy. After months of practice, the group did it! The reunion was a good one, and the players knew the embers of a once-great fire had been rekindled. After the dance, someone recommended that the group continue with the band. Relying on the great wisdom they had gained as college graduates, the group agreed that the idea was a good one.

That dance in 1983 marked the end of The Crusaders and the birth of a new group, Class Reunion. Can you imagine the origin of the group’s name.

Since the beginning of the new group, there have been only a few changes. The core of the group is still in Kosciusko. The other members are the survivors of some of the aforementioned great groups from the sixties.

This talented group will provide an evening of memorable entertainment for your next important engagement, whether it’s a class reunion, a wedding reception, or a birthday celebration. The tunes of Class Reunion are those that everyone, regardless of age, knows and loves!

Class Reunion is available for weddings, corporate events, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah), fundraisers, festivals, and more.