The Motown Funk Soul So You Can Have A Great Night Band! Class Act Band is one of the best kept secrets in Virginia. Playing together since childhood, this band has close ties of family, friendship, and a common gospel-rooted heritage. From simmering ballads to fiery funk, Class Act specializes in bringing soulful renditions of your favorite Motown and 70’s classics to you.

Bandleader Stephon Hurt always goes the extra mile to ensure that the dance floor stays full. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself the star of their famous “shake yo money maker contest” or if your favorite uncle’s goofy dance moves win the “soul man search.” Class Act’s guiding philosophy is that their performance is centered around making your special day memorable. A client’s complete satisfaction is their gift to any bride or event planner, and Stephon’s attention to detail assures that the pre- and post-show workings of the band are as well-choreographed as their on-stage dance moves.