Clap! Clap! is the moniker of bass producer Digi G’Alessio (a.k.a. Cristiano Crisci). As Clap! Clap! he has released two EPs so far, Gwidingwi Dema (2013) and Tambacounda (2014).

Amongst the wake of a clap-less music scene, it was San Marcos where the conception of Clap!Clap! took place. Armed with 10 members, including a clap choir, and more percussion instruments than you can shake a clave stick at, Clap!Clap! strives to bring clapping back into the music scene. Their self-titled first song is more than a theme for the band; its a mission statement. It commands the common clergy folk to leave what reservations they have behind and bask in the fruition of dance.

With over a year and a half of shows under their belt, Clap!Clap! has built a following most would envy. They stand tall in a sea of Texas bands and are in a constant continuum of pushing their music forward by testing the limits of their aural abilities. Clap!Clap! has taken their stake prepare your hands and feet. Its time to get up so you can get down.

Clap! Clap! is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.