Cas Haley (born December 27, 1980 in Paris, Texas) is a rock and reggae singer/guitarist who appeared in Season 2 of the America’s Got Talent television show. He also plays in a band called Woodbelly, playing both acoustic and electric guitars. Haley is married with a son and lives in Arlington, Texas.

Raised by musician parents, Cas grew up surrounded by the sounds of blues and 60s-70s rock. He got serious about the guitar at age 12 and was “taught by the tribe” of musicians passing through the house. Also prominent at home were the Bob Marley records his mother would play, which made a profound impression.

Before his 2007 appearance on America’s Got Talent, Cas Haley was a stay at home dad, caring for his child while continuing to play music. After first blowing away the judges with his rendition of The Police’s “Walking On The Moon”, Cas Haley went on to become a finalist in the last round of America’s Got Talent. His crystalline voice and funky, easygoing beats earned Cas a second-place finish on “America’s Got Talent,” which in turn netted him a measure of fame and a following.

Since then, Cas Haley has gone on to release his debut self-titled album on February the 14th, 2008. In 2010 Easy Star Records released “Connection”, a mix of reggae, blues and soul. “Connection” is mixed by Danny Kalb of Ben Harper and Beck fame.

Cas Haley is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.