Brian Lee Howell - Elvis Impersonator

-He is a 5-Star Professional Elvis Impersonator
-He is the most requested Elvis Impersonator in Tennessee
-He is also an International Artist
-He is the Demo Vocalist for an Elvis Track Company
-He knows almost 600 Elvis songs from memory
-He has a five-octave vocal range…just like Elvis
-His show is a complete story-line production…’50s, ’60s, ’70s
-He has over 30 outfits to keep your eyes entertained
-He has performed in 2 countries, 11 states and over 800 cities
-He has portrayed Elvis in a musical role
-He has been filmed for a documentary and cast in an art film
-He has been a featured artist in a book
-He has appeared locally & nationally on T.V., Radio, & in Magazines
-He has the look, the moves, but most importantly…the VOICE!

I love my job! I get to do what I love…and that is a true career. I get to travel and meet new friends. I also get to spend all my time with my lovely wife and my beautiful daughter and we have great fun together. Now, with that in mind, I would like to tell you how I became a Professional Elvis Impersonator.
I first became interested in Elvis Presley when I was only three years old. Of course at three, you do not really know that much but, all I knew was that I liked what I heard. I was in a local department store with my mother and I was looking around the music section of the store. I picked up a cassette tape…the artist, Elvis Presley. Later on that day, after mom and I got home, I listened to my new tape. Little did I know that the man behind the voice would influence me so much.