Known for their big hair, bigger attitudes, voices that will blow the head off your Budweiser … and choreography that’d make the Supremes fall outta their wheelchairs.
Oxford Town

The Bouffants are about as entertaining an ensemble as you could ever hope to see. Their hype is well-deserved praise, because they really put on a professional, high energy show. The four female singers are outstanding vocally, and just a real blast to watch.
Memphis Dateline

In a city famous for its proclivity for partying, nobody in Memphis parties quite as hard as The Bouffants.
Memphis Business Journal

With big hair and a zany performance, The Bouffants brought the eclectic crowd to a monumental climax. It was outlandish fun: dramatic, lively, tasteful, and on the edge.
RSVP Magazine

The Bouffants transported and transfixed the audience with a stellar performance at the Elvis Presley Club last Friday night. Truly goddesses of the retro-world, this band is as much fun to watch as it is to listen to.

The Beach Boy’s opening act, The Bouffants, gave a perfect performance and deserves any stage as the main attraction.
Germantown News