Boogie Wonder Band is the most celebrated DISCO band of our generation! / LE groupe disco qui fait lever et danser les foules aux quatre coins du monde!

With their eye-popping costumes and funkadelic stage show, they instantly transport audiences back to a time of bell bottoms and dance floor grooves. Their disco-funk set is full of groovy 70’s tunes like “Celebration”, “Disco Inferno”, and “You Should Be Dancing.”

Boogie Wonder Band have performed over 2000 shows and even shared the stage with some of their favorite artists, like Kool & The Gang and Chic.

The band is on the forefront of neo-funk-and-disco bands that capture the horn-fired sounds – and hedonistic fun — of the ’70s. Their costumes are spectacular. “A lot of fun and always a party,” The funkiest, most disco-loving band in all the land, the Boogie Wonder Band is party central. With crazy costumes and a very solid set of musicians, the Boogie Wonder Band gets crowds into the music like few others can.

Boogie Wonder Band is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.