Beth Hart

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A few years ago, critics and radio programmers throughout the country were captivated by Beth Hart, with Billboard proclaiming that her “voice and lyrical wisdom are like red stripes painted across a black wall … Hart’s got the stuff of icons.” Yet soon after the success of her 1999 hit, “L.A. Song,” she seemingly disappeared from the music scene. Now, the celebrated singer has returned with her most revealing and personal album to date. Released on October 21, 2003, Hart’s long-awaited follow-up to Screamin’ For My Supper has already been making waves in the music press. Music Connection gushes “even at their most intense, the songs have a sense of hope and vulnerability expressed by lyrics that vividly articulate her struggles — and desire for redemption.”

“The songs talk about getting well, and also about the darkness of being down and then the light of being back in the living again,” explains Hart, alluding to the substance abuse problems that disrupted her career. “To have gotten the chance to make this record, and especially to have completed it, was like, ‘Wow, you got back in the game, and you went for it!’ I thought I’d really blown the opportunity to ever do that again.”