Bamboo Forest is a High Energy Party Band that specializes in music and formalities tailored to wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events, and fundraisers. The Memphis, TN based super group has performed for hundreds of events all over the Country for nearly 30 years!

Bamboo Forest is composed of high quality, experienced, refined musicians that can entertain and bring to life the most demanding audiences. The group performs under the direction of an experienced Bandleader who ensures that all your requests and expectations are met at every performance.

Bamboo Forest base show band consists of 1 female and 1 lead male vocalists, drums, bass, keys and guitar. The performers possess a wide range of vocal and musical styles, satisfying the varied musical tastes of all ages. We perform the music that you and your guests want to hear, and we do it at a volume level that is acceptable to all. We offer a wide selection of R&B, Motown Funk, Disco, Classic Rock Oldies, Fifties, Blues, Swing/Big Band and Jazz Standards.

The standard configuration is a 6-piece show band (1 female & 1 male lead vocalists, drums, bass, keys & guitar – all members sing back-up and harmony).

Here are some available additions to create a customized experience:

2nd Female Lead Vocalist
3rd Female Lead Vocalist
2-Piece Horn Section (Sax & Trumpet)
3-Piece Horn Section (Sax, Trumpet & Trombone)
4–Piece Horn Section (Sax, 2 Trumpets & Trombone)
3-Hour OR 4-Hour Continuous Music Options (No Band Breaks)

Exclusively Managed by RAM Entertainment.

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